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Internet Tidbit: Calendly

Have you ever had to play phone or email tag over and over trying to get a meeting set up? Next time you need to schedule something with someone, use Calendly instead. All you have to do is connect your Google Calendar to the site, and Calendly will know your availability. It can then coordinate with others to find all possible meeting times. Someone looking for a meeting time with you can even make their own appointment with you. The service is free, but if you want to schedule group meetings you would want to upgrade for $10 a month.

Car Tip

If you have a cracked taillight or turn-signal cover and can’t get it replaced right away, you should cover up the crack. Auto parts stores sell orange or red tape that can cover a crack. This will keep water out and prevent further damage to the light compartment until you can get the cover replaced.

Green Living Tip

Keeping under the speed limit will help you burn less gas and increase your miles per gallon. Your gas mileage will be better if you avoid sudden starts and stops. You should also avoid revving your engine. Not only is this more energy efficient, but it is also safer for you and the drivers around you.

By the Numbers: Summer Vacations

  • Just over 45 percent of Americans take a summer vacation each year.
  • The average American travels about 560 miles round trip on their vacation each summer.
  • About 91 percent of summer vacations are made in personal vehicles, and only 7 percent are taken by air travel.
  • The top travel destinations are Florida (19 percent), California (15 percent), New York (10 percent), and North Carolina (9 percent).
  • The beach is visited by 45 percent of travelers in the summer, making it the most popular type of destination each year.

Source: Equation Research, Harris Interactive

Article provided by Bluegreen Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Menomonee Falls

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