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commercial oriental rug Cleaning

Keep your showpiece looking elegant

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Our professional cleaning technicians are certified, on-time and courteous. We believe our work is only as good as our employees.

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Fast Drying

We pride ourselves in being as efficient as possible. We work diligently to get you a quote, complete the job, and get you back to enjoying your home.

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We are committed to using as safe and non-toxic as possible cleaning supplies that safe for your home and the planet.

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We’ve helped thousands of happy customers bring life and joy back into their homes by restoring their flooring its best possible quality.

Don’t let your investments fall apart. 

We’ll help protect your rugs for years to come.

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We are able to clean most area rugs whether they are wool or synthetic. We can come to your place of business and do a surface cleaning of the rugs or we can do a more thorough cleaning in our shop.

Yes, we can do a surface clean to your rug pad. If there is any staining, odors or pet spots it is best to replace it. We will gladly get you pricing for a replacement pad if needed. 

No, unfortunately we do not repair rugs. 

Yes, we can do a surface cleaning of all your rugs at your location. We will gladly pickup and deliver your rugs and clean them at our shop if a deeper cleaning is needed. 

It typically take about 2 weeks. To find out more about this process, visit our residential site via the link below.

Looking for our residential oriental rug cleaning services? 

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