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Residential Oriental rug Cleaning

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Our team will first perform a thorough inspection looking for damage or potential color migration so we can properly clean your area rug.  

A critical step in the process is to make sure the dyes used in your oriental rug are stable and will not migrate during the cleaning process.

Next step in the process is to turn the rug upside down on an open grid and force out the dry dirt and soil trapped in the rugs.  This process is similar to hanging the rug on the porch an beating it out with a broom.  

Stubborn and challenging spots are approached towards the beginning of the rug cleaning process.  Gum, red stains, coffee spills and much more are pre-treated to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency.

Pets urine can cause a horrible smell and is unsanitary.  Our process to treat your area rug from pet urine is to saturate the area rug or treat an isolated area.  Once the urine is broke down, we can then extract the rug of the cleaning agent and the urine.  

Since most area rugs are only cleaned once every 5-8 years, a full bath submersion will provide the most thorough cleaning.  Having a washed area rug is ALWAYS better than what a dry cleaning process can perform.  

Immersion Oriental Rug Cleaning

This is critical step in the rug cleaning process that will remove the cleaning solutions, the contaminates and leave your area rug in a neutral pH state.  Skipping this step in the process can cause your area rug to rapidly resoil and become dirty, faster.

The best way to dry area rugs and oriental rugs is to dry them the way they sit – FLAT.  Our temperature and humidity controlled flat drying process will speed dry your oriental and area rug to prevent browning and bacterial growth.

Area Rug Cleaning Drying Process

Cleaning the fringes is a tedious, but critical step in the cleaning process.  This step will turn the fringes white again or a simple tea-staining process will return the fringes to a consistent and even appearance.

After investing in a thorough cleaning process, the best way to protect the area rug from future stains and pet spots is to treat the area rug with a penetrating fabric sealer.  As a certified applicator of Microseal™, we can make sure your area rug stays cleaner, longer

Any additional areas of concern can be addressed and then we will wrap your area rug in natural-brown paper to allow the rug to be properly stored in a breathable but protected from air contaminates.

Don’t let your investment fall apart.
We’ll help protect your rugs for years to come. 

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We are able to clean most area rugs whether they are wool or synthetic. We can come to your home and do a surface cleaning of the rugs or we can do a more thorough cleaning in our shop.

We can pickup your rugs from your home and drop them back off to you when they are completed. You can also drop your rugs off at one of our convenient locations. This cleaning process generally takes about 2 weeks.

*See above for details on our thorough shop cleaning

We can give a rug pad a surface cleaning, but if there has been any pet urine or other odors, it would be best to replace it. We would be happy to price out a new rug pad for you.

Bluegreen can give rug cleaning estimates over the phone. Please have your rug measurements and material when you call in.

We will do all of the vacuuming for you!

We will move small furniture out of the way for you at no charge. For example, couches, tables, chairs, nightstands, etc.  When we are done cleaning your furniture will be put back in place. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you!

Looking for our commercial oriental rug cleaning services? 

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