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Firework Viewing Safety

The National Council of Fireworks Safety recommends public fireworks displays as a safe alternative to using fireworks yourself. Although you are not handling and lighting the fireworks, there are some safety precautions you should take when attending a public display.

Spectators should obey all show personnel and respect all safety barriers set up in the area. The best viewing locations are a quarter of a mile or more away. Attempting to get close to the firing area with the hopes of seeing a better show will actually decrease your chance of enjoying the action.

Although it is rare, occasionally a firework component may fall to the ground without exploding. These materials should never be touched. If you come across any firework or portion of one, notify law enforcement or fire personnel immediately.

If you are headed out to a fireworks show and think your dog might enjoy it too, think again. Pets have very sensitive ears and the noise from a fireworks display can be quite uncomfortable for them. They will be much happier safe at home.

Finally, don’t bring your own fireworks to a public display. Sparklers, fountains, and other items are dangerous when handled and detonated when a crowd is present. You’ll find plenty of excitement by just watching the show.

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