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We pride ourselves in being efficient. We work diligently to get you a quote, complete the job, and get you back to enjoying your home as fast as possible.

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We're committed to using safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies that are safe for your home and the planet.

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We’ve helped thousands of customers bring life, joy, and relaxation back into their homes.

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Carpet typically takes about two to four hours to dry. Drying time depends humidity levels, temperature in home, etc. 

Although many people refer to the type of cleaning Bluegreen does as steam cleaning, it is a hot water extraction process. Carpets are sprayed with cleaning solutions, agitated and temperature controlled hot water is sprayed and suctioned out of the carpet.

We do send a pre-visit email a couple days before your service to let you know how to prepare for our arrival. Please pick up small items from the floors, remove breakables from tables and have pets and children in a safe place.

We will do all the vacuuming for you!

We will move small furniture out of the way for you at no charge. For example, couches, tables, chairs, nightstands, etc.  When we are done cleaning, your furniture will be put back in place on top of blocks and tabs to protect your carpet and furniture. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you!

Bluegreen can give carpet cleaning estimates over the phone. Please have your room measurements when you call in.

We use our own water that comes off of our truck. The water we use is softened and properly pH balanced to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process.  

All of our products are safe for children and pets.

We charge by square foot so that you are only paying for the area we are actually cleaning. Many companies will charge for a whole room when often times they are only cleaning 50-80% of the room.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be cleaned every 12 to 18 months to ensure the longest life cycle of the carpet.

This process is called wicking. Wicking is the result of soil being buried in the carpet pad wicking back to the top.  Just give us a call as soon as the spots reappear (which happens in about 24 hours) and we will come out to re-clean those spots free of charge. The only spots that don’t apply are human or pet spots like blood and urine.  There is a $50 charge for these types of spots.

We recommend that your carpet be stretched before it is cleaned.  Having a tightly tacked carpet ensures a thorough cleaning and a beautiful result.  If the carpet has ripples after we clean, it will usually go back into shape once it is dry.

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