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Residential Wood Floor Cleaning

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We're committed to using safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies that are safe for your home and the planet.

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Once a wood floor is installed in a home, homeowners often struggle to keep it completely free of soil and find that just mopping the floor isn’t enough.  Sometimes the floor becomes cloudy and dull. Bluegreen has a cleaning process that can re-beautify your floors.

Bluegreen’s process is a restoration cleaning and is typically recommended when there is need for a deep cleaning and/or the floor has a cloudy or dull appearance.  We begin with a thorough dusting and/or sweeping of the area and the edges are hand dusted.  Movable furnishings can be removed from the area.  A neutral cleaner is used in our cleaning equipment to ensure a deep cleaning and the floors are then towel dried. The client may then choose to have a protective coating put on the floor with either a matte or gloss finish.  This finish brings luster back to your floor and allows for easier maintenance. We will then move the furnishings back in place for your convenience.

We do send a pre-visit email a couple days before your service to let you know how to prepare for our arrival. Please pick up small items from the floors, remove breakables from tables and have pets and children in a safe place.

We will do all of the cleaning for you!

We will move small furniture out of the way for you at no charge. For example, couches, tables, chairs, nightstands, etc.  Your furniture will be put back in place when we are done cleaning. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you!

You can usually walk on your floors within 1-2 hours.  It takes about 24 hours for it to completely cure, so we suggest you don’t have any heavy traffic or liquid spills on the surface during that time frame. 

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