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Tea… It Does a Body Good

The rates of type 2 diabetes are lower in countries where there is a high consumption of black tea according to a recent study. Researchers in Switzerland examined 50 countries and compared the amount of tea consumed to the rates of diabetes.

The top three tea drinking countries were Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. The nations with the lowest consumption were South Korea, Brazil, China, Morocco, and Mexico.

In those countries with high levels of black tea consumption, the diabetes rates were low. The researchers also looked for a link between this consumption level and the rates of cancer, respiratory, infectious and cardiovascular diseases, but there was no correlation found. It seems that tea drinking only affects diabetes risk.

Drinking a cup or two of tea every day won’t prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes, as the research did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. But it may reduce your risk and keep you healthy longer. So raise your teacup to better health!

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