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Traveling by plane can be stressful. Not only can you expect delays, lost baggage, crowds, and uncomfortable seats, you may also be troubled by fellow passengers who are downright rude. Oftentimes, however, rude behavior is simply a misunderstanding. To help make things easier for you and those around you, keep these common points of etiquette in mind.

Reclining Your Seat

Airline seats leave little room for comfort, but it can be even worse when you are struggling with a reclining seat, either yours or the one in front of you. While you should be able to recline if you want to, it pays to be considerate. Recline slowly and acknowledge the situation if the passenger behind you complains. If you are extremely uncomfortable because of the reclined seat in front of you, politely explain this to your fellow passenger.

Sharing the Armrest

While there is no set rule about who gets the armrest, it is helpful to remember that the person in the center seat has no other option. Those on the aisle and by a window can lean outward, but the one in the middle is stuck with nowhere to go. Remember also, it is almost impossible to avoid all contact with your seatmates, but you should also try to remain in your own space as much as possible.


More and more people are bringing carry-on luggage as a way to avoid checked bag fees. This means overhead space is at a premium. If you are bringing a carry-on bag, realize that you may not be able to store it directly above your seat, especially if you board after the crowd. You may need to place it several rows away. If it is important to have your bag nearby, consider paying the early boarding fee.

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