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Money Saving Tips Summer

Looking to save some cash? Summer is the perfect time to squeeze some extra savings out of your budget. Here are some ways to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

  1. Vacation closer to home. One of the most expensive parts of a vacation is the cost to travel to and from your destination. Instead of traveling across the country, vacation in your own or in a neighboring state. You can cut the expense of air travel or a long road trip by traveling less than a day away.
  2. Get outside and save some dough. Pack a brown bag lunch and eat outside at lunchtime instead of buying lunch at a restaurant. Instead of heading to a movie theater, catch a free outdoor movie night in your community. Rather than heading out for drinks with your friends, have them over to hang out on your patio. Let everyone bring their own drinks and food for the grill and you’ll have a great time with little expense.
  3. Save on grocery costs by planting a garden. You will have healthy, pesticide-free food that costs less than the grocery store. For every $5 you spend on vegetable seeds, you can expect several hundred dollars in produce. Even if you don’t have a large area to garden, you can still save money by planting in container gardens.


Article provided by Bluegreen Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Sun Prairie

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