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The windows in your home protect you from the elements, but you do need to take care when opening and closing them. Here are some basic precautions to take with the windows in your house.

  • Do not push on the glass to open the window, as this can cause the glass to break and cut your hand and arm.
  • If there are children under the age of ten, install window guards. These will keep a young child from falling out of an open window.
  • Don’t depend on window screens to keep a child safe. These screens can pop out easily and are not designed to withstand the weight of a person.
  • Make sure that your windows can open and close easily. Because windows offer an escape route in an emergency, you should be able to open them with ease.
  • Windows can be manufactured with laminated glass. This will not keep them from being broken when struck with a stray baseball or rock, but it will keep the glass pieces from falling into your home. The plastic interlayer is also puncture-resistant, which can offer some protection from home intruders.


Article provided by Bluegreen Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Madison

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