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What every homeowner should know about carpeting (Part 1 of 3)

Carpet Warranty Problems

How to protect the homeowner’s largest investment–the Flooring!  (Part 1 of 3)

For those who work in the flooring retail business, it is common knowledge that carpet manufacturers have become very strict when it comes to replacing carpeting that doesn’t survive the large warranty period.  One of the first questions that the carpet mill will ask, “Can I see your professional carpet cleaning receipts?”

If a client can’t produce the invoices, the warranty is null and void.  Game Over.

So, what does a homeowner need to know or what warranty knowledge should you provide to your precious client who has just spent thousands of dollars on carpeting to avoid carpet warranty problems?

  1. Vacuum Frequently.  Be sure to use an approved vacuum.  Some manufacturers will void the warranty if a vacuum is too aggressive.  To be safe, use a vacuum that has the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) seal of approval.  Here is a link to approved vacuums. (I will be discussing more on equipment in two weeks.  You will be surprised at what companies and equipment will void your warranty).
  2. Proper Cleaning Solutions.  At some point, every homeowner has cleaned up a spot from the carpeting.  Some very “standard” cleaning solutions sold at the neighborhood grocery store are not CRI approved and the use of that product will void the warranty.  Be sure to look for cleaning solutions that are CRI approved with the CRI seal of approval on the bottle.  (Next week I will discuss these products in depth and it will shock you to find out what products and equipment are NOT CRI approved).
  3. Professional Cleaning.  Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu, Masland and DreamWeaver all require a PROFESSIONAL cleaning.  In addition, the professional cleaner must use CRI approved systems and cleaning solutions.  Each carpet mill has slightly different standards
    • Mohawk — The carpet must have a professional cleaning every 18 months using CRI approved systems, products, and equipment.
    • Shaw — Periodic professional cleaning of all the carpet is required and at least once every 24 months.  In addition, Shaw recommends only hot water extraction using CRI approved products, systems, and equipment.
    • Beaulieu — The carpet must be cleaned by a certified professional carpet cleaner (certified by IICRC–Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) using hot-water extraction and follow all CRI guidelines in regards to the equipment, systems, and products.  This should be done every 12 to 18 months, depending upon the soiling conditions.
    • Masland Carpets — Hot water extraction is required by a trained and qualified carpet care professional every 12 to 18 months, depending upon the soiling conditions.  You must provide proof of service with a receipt.  You should deep clean BEFORE it becomes excessively soiled.
    • DreamWeaver — Have your carpet professionally cleaned using hot water extraction every 12-18 months to remove soil and residues and prolong the life of your carpet.

This covers the minimum standards that the carpet manufacturer requires the homeowner to implement in order to keep the warranty of the carpet.  An additional recommended measure to maintain the appearance and the lifespan of the carpeting would be to include the use of walk-off mats.  When placed properly, a quality walk-off mat will adequately remove soil and particles from the bottom of shoes and feet and reducing the amount of soil tracked onto the carpeting.

Lastly, when a spot or a spill occurs on the carpeting, immediately remove it in order to increase the chance that the spot will come out of the carpeting.  The longer the spot or spill stays on the carpeting, the more likely the carpeting will be permanently stained.

These steps will also help maintain the appearance of the carpeting, giving you and your client long-term satisfaction from their flooring investment.

If you would like to read the warranty documents, you can find the links below with the care and maintenance portions highlighted for your convenience.


For additional information about Bluegreen’s steps and processes for cleaning, please visit our website.

Next week, I will be discussing household carpet cleaning solutions and which common solutions will actually void the carpet warranty.

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