Is it Time to Clean Your Upholstery?

What’s better than a late afternoon nap on your favorite sofa? What’s more enjoyable than reading a great book while snuggled in an overstuffed chair? Whether you are spending some quiet time alone or watching the big game with the whole gang, soft, comfortable upholstered furniture is usually the seating of choice. Look under the […]

Spinach Mushroom Omelet

Ingredients: 1 egg 3 egg whites 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon shredded reduced-fat Cheddar cheese

Pumping Iron at Every Age

Weight training and other weight bearing exercises have long been known for their health benefits. Many studies have shown these types of exercises are good for adults of any age. But a recent recommendation by the American College of Sports Medicine reveals that weight training is more beneficial for seniors than previously thought. For those […]

Food Trends & Improved Health

The SupermarketGuru National Grocers Association Consumer Survey reveals that food shoppers are more concerned with diet, health, and nutrition than ever before. About 50 percent of the people surveyed said that their diet could be healthier.

Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Keep the heat inside by closing draperies at night. During the day, open them up to let the sun shine through and warm your home. You can also cut heat loss by caulking and weather stripping doors and windows. Avoid overheating by setting the temperature as low as you can and still be comfortable. For […]

Quick Tips

Food Tip If you are roasting meat, but do not have a roasting rack, simply place a layer of coarse chopped celery or onions on the bottom of the pan. Put the meat on top of the vegetables. They will keep the meat off of the bottom of the pan and will provide flavor during […]