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Are you finding that your skin is getting dry and irritated more often? It could be the weather. Winter air is drier than normal and cold winds can remove moisture from your skin. Keep these tips in mind to keep your skin protected and healthy this season.

Even though the sun is not blazing, your face can still feel the effects of ultraviolet rays. Be sure to use sunscreen on your face during the winter when you go outdoors. Choose a product with added moisturizers for extra protection. And don’t forget your lips—wear lip balm with sunscreen in it.

Avoid long, hot showers during the winter, as they strip your skin of its natural moisture. Instead, take a short, warm shower and pat your skin dry. While your skin is still damp, put on a moisturizing lotion.

Humidify your indoor air. Running a heater causes the air in your indoor environment to dry out. Room humidifiers will help your skin stay moisturized and has the added benefit of helping to relieve dryness in your nasal passages.

If all else fails, take some time to speak with a dermatologist. There are many good treatments available for those suffering from uncomfortable dry skin.

Article provided by Bluegreen Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Waukesha

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