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Chocolate is good for you, but not a lot of it at once. It’s hard to believe that what was once considered to be a guilty indulgence has now proved to be good for your heart, your lungs, and your brain.

There’s even more good news. The liberally found in dark chocolate appear to produce the greatest health benefits, but researchers now say milk chocolate is also a rich source. It contains about 75 milligrams per 100 grams, or more than found in red wine.

If you love chocolate, remember that it also contains calories. So choose chocolate instead of indulgences like donuts and other treats. It’s still best to choose dark chocolate that’s higher in flavonoids, say researchers at Tufts University.

To maximize flavonoids, Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, of Tufts, recommends dark, bittersweet or baking chocolate. Milk chocolate is processed to make it smoother and less bitter, which also decreases natural flavonoid levels, adds fat and increases sugar.

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