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Don’t Forget Grandparents Day

Each year, the second Sunday in September is recognized as Grandparents Day. This year, it’s on the 10th. It’s the time to give them a card or gift, to visit, or to call them on the telephone.

For adult grandchildren, grandparents can be great sources of information. They’ve lived life and learned many things. Their knowledge and experience is a valuable asset you can draw from. Sometimes they can make just a simple statement that’s loaded with the truth.

Today’s grandparents are young. The average age for first-time grandparents today is about 48. While that may seem infinitely aged to kids and young adults, those grandparents, unlike the oldsters of yore, are still busy and in the workforce. For kids, it is probably the great-grandparents who have lived the longest and now have time to teach and reminisce.

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