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Decorating Your Home for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for many means cards and dinner out, chocolates and flowers. Even if you are spending Valentine’s Day out, don’t forget to decorate your home for this lovely holiday. Placing reminders of how much you love your family around your home is a great way to bring an atmosphere of love and caring into your living space. Here are some simple ideas to make this holiday more festive.

  1. Paper hearts are an inexpensive way to decorate. You can cut them out of red, pink, purple and white paper or simply buy inexpensive paper hearts. You can string them in a garland over a fireplace, tape them to your windows, or use them as little love notes placed around your home.
  2. Candles are a romantic addition to any home. Use red or pink candles in clear candle holders. In larger glass candle holders, you can partially fill them with Valentine’s jelly beans and then set your candles on top of the candy.
  3. Decorate further with candy by using some fancy apothecary jars to store your holiday treats. You can place wrapped chocolates, jelly beans, or conversation hearts in these jars. They look festive and make the treats available for all your friends and family.
  4. Flowers are fleeting, but silk flowers don’t fade. Use silk rose petals as an accent to your table setting and place some Valentine-themed flowers around your house.

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