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Ice melt may cause long-term, serious damage to carpet fibers and leave an unsightly white, powdery residue.   Potential damage to the inside of our businesses and homes occurs when we track salt and snow from our boots onto our carpets.   

Ice melt is a mixture of salt, ice and snow.  The tracked ice melt leaves a white, powdery residue that attracts dirt and other particles on carpets.  If this is not cleaned quickly and properly, over time salt crystals will remain embedded between the carpet fibers and damage will occur to the fibers.  As a result, professional cleaning may be required.

In order to avoid damage to carpets, reducing the amount of ice melt from entering businesses and homes is necessary.  One way this can be accomplished is by using walk-off mats. 

Placing walk-off mats on the inside and outside entryways of businesses and homes removes most of the ice melt from our boots and prevents it from spreading to the carpets.  However, these mats must be properly maintained or they will become ineffective.  Removing footwear upon entering the home is also helpful.

Winter storms bring various challenges to business and home owners.  Some of these challenges may be diminished by following these helpful steps to prevent ice melt from entering your business or home.

Follow these simple steps throughout the winter months:

  1. Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove slush and dry salt from walk-off mats and carpets.  This may be necessary several times per day.
  2. When the mats and carpets are completely dry, vacuum both with a traditional vacuum making sure the brush bar contacts the carpet fibers.
  3. Vacuum in multiple directions and move slowly over heavily stained areas.
  4. If the salt stains remain on the carpet use a stiff, plastic bristle brush, approved for your type of carpeting, to gently bring the crusted salt to the surface for removal.   Vacuum the remaining salt with a traditional vacuum.
  5. If the stain persists, it is time to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Protect your carpet investment by preventing salt build up.  Daily cleaning will leave your carpets looking fresh and clean.  If the salt stains are unable to be removed a professional carpet cleaner must be contacted.  If your carpets look worn and shabby from this year’s snowfalls, call the professionals at Bluegreen to remove winter salt stains and residue from your carpets.

Hire the Right Professional

Removing salt residue is not a standard job and some carpet cleaning companies may not be educated in the correct techniques.  Be certain to ask about their process.

Contact Bluegreen for  technicians who are educated, professional, highly trained and IICRC certified in carpet cleaning.

Article provided by Bluegreen Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Elm Grove


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