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Green Carpet Cleaning Advantages

On request, Bluegreen can provide a green carpet cleaning at no extra charge. In our green carpet cleaning system, Bluegreen uses Green Guard, the first EPA DfE approved carpet and upholstery protector. Green Guard is formulated to ensure that ingredients contain no components that pose serious hazards. This is beneficial to children and pets who […]

How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Fabric

An occasional glass of red wine can be a great way to take in some antioxidants. Even now we’re learning more and more about some of the health benefits a glass can provide. What we don’t need to learn any more about though, is the difficult red wine stains created from a glass tipping over […]

3 Carpet Cleaning Health Benefits

Carpet cleaning can improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of your carpet, but the carpet cleaning health benefits are one of the most important aspects of the process. According to the American Lung Association, if members of your household suffer from conditions that can affect their breathing, such as snoring or asthma, […]

Fabric Care for Upholstery

CARE TIPS FOR TEXTILES/FABRICS Vacuum the surface of your furniture regularly, including the deck under the cushions, with the upholstery attachments of your vacuum cleaner Direct sunlight can cause the fabrics to fade. Care should be taken to limit the amount of direct sun on any piece of furniture. Carpet cleaning can help prevent mold […]

Deep Cleaning And Selecting A Carpet Cleaning Professional

If you find that no matter how much you vacuum, your carpet still does not look like it used to, it may be time for deep cleaning. While there are do-it-yourself cleaning methods on the marketing, hiring a professional is the safest, fastest and easiest options. Cleaning professionals who utilized CRI-certified carpet cleaning products as […]

Indoor Air Quality

For many, spring is a rebirth of life and time to rejuvenate the home with a thorough cleaning. The IICRC reminds consumers that a quality cleaning regimen can be good for their health by enhancing the indoor air quality of the home.

How to Select a Professional

Cleaning Carpet Can Be a Dirty Business” “Not All Scum Is In the Carpet” “Don’t Let them Pull The Rug Out From Under You” “Clean Your Carpets Without Cleaning Out Your Wallet” “Don’t Get Taken To The Cleaners.” These clever phrases have appeared recently in newspaper articles and televised news programs across the nation warning […]