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How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Fabric

An occasional glass of red wine can be a great way to take in some antioxidants. Even now we’re learning more and more about some of the health benefits a glass can provide. What we don’t need to learn any more about though, is the difficult red wine stains created from a glass tipping over and ruining your evening.

But fear not. You can enjoy your glass of wine in confidence, because we have a sure fire recipe for fighting red wine stains.

Step one: Wet the Red Wine Stains

Wet the red wine stain with lukewarm water and add a layer of table salt. Then rub and let sit for five minutes. The sodium chloride will work to absorb any remaining wine residue left in the fabric.

Step two: Pull the Fabric Taut Across Heat

If possible, stretch the fabric out over a heat proof bow and secure with a rubber band. The goal here is to create a surface that can hold up to a bit of pressure. The size of the bowl will need to change depending on the size of the fabric that has the red wine stain on it.

Step three: Place in Sink and Apply Boiling Water

If you can, apply the boiling water from roughly three feet above the stain. The combined pressure and heat of the water will work together to eliminate any stain that is still in the fabric.

Of course, getting red wine stains out of carpets are a whole different process. It’s not quite as practical to cut out a piece of your carpet, pull it taut over a bowl and blast it with boiling water. But we have our ways to handle those stains to.

If you have a red wine spill on your carpet, be sure to call the experts at Bluegreen.

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