Spring Safety Tips for Your Pets

With the change in season and weather, remember to take some time to ensure your pet’s safety while doing your spring cleaning chores. Check your screens. Examine your screen doors and window screens for tears or loose spots. This is especially important for screens on the upper floors of your home. If you leave windows […]

What’s in Your Dust?

The old-fashioned image of a happy housewife with a feather duster seems oddly quaint. Today, dust control and removal is serious business. It is estimated that Americans spend over $10 billion a year on products to remove and control household dust. Add to that the vacuum cleaners, air filtration devices and furnace filters, and it […]

More Benefits of Vitamin D

A new study by researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has found that vitamin D can help the body fight against colorectal cancer. While previous studies have shown that vitamin D can help prevent against colorectal cancer, this study has revealed this vitamin can help fight cancer in those who have already been diagnosed. People […]

Four Home Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

Looking to update your home, but don’t have the budget for big upgrades? Instead of going for a big transformation, consider making some budget-friendly updates that can spiff up your home without breaking the bank.   KITCHEN You may want to get new cabinets in your kitchen, but this can add up to be an […]

Many Seniors Passing on the Opportunity to Check Online Medical Records

More and more health care providers are offering patients access to their electronic records. These records include immunizations, prescribed medications and instructions, lab results, and appointment reminders. A recent study shows that less than one-third of adults aged 65 and older use the Internet to manage their health information.  The research indicates that this problem […]

Pineapple Chicken Tenders

Delicious little bites for an appetizer or a light meal with a salad! Ingredients: 1 cup pineapple juice 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/3 cup light soy sauce 2 pounds chicken breast tenderloins or strips Skewers Directions: In a small saucepan over medium heat, mix pineapple juice, brown sugar, and soy sauce. Remove from heat […]

Is Carpet a Good Choice for Your Home?

While many people are turning to hard floors for a variety of reasons, there are still seven excellent reasons to choose carpeting for your home. Carpet is beautiful – Carpet offers limitless varieties of textures, colors, patterns and styles; there is a carpet available to suit almost any taste. Carpet is a good value – […]

Getting Ready for a Flood

Springtime can bring rains and melting snow that cause flooding. Floods can develop quickly and are unpredictable. They also are very dangerous. Don’t get caught unprepared. These steps will help keep you and your family safe. Find out if you are in a flood-prone area. If so, learn about your community’s flood plans, evacuation routes, […]

Food Tip

Dark leafy green vegetables are a great way to boost the nutrition in your meals. Some can be a bit bitter however. To cut some of the bitterness of greens like kale or arugula, soak them in a bowl of ice water in your fridge for about an hour. Run them through a salad spinner […]

Salt and Headaches

Persistent headaches can often result from high blood pressure. Because it is believed that excessive salt consumption can cause high blood pressure, doctors have often thought that perhaps eating too much salt can by this connection cause headaches. But a new study has found that high salt consumption can cause headaches on its own, even […]