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Four Home Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

Looking to update your home, but don’t have the budget for big upgrades? Instead of going for a big transformation, consider making some budget-friendly updates that can spiff up your home without breaking the bank.



You may want to get new cabinets in your kitchen, but this can add up to be an expensive upgrade. Instead, try refinishing your cabinets yourself. For just a few hundred dollars, you can paint your cabinets and add new cabinet hardware. If your budget allows, install a new kitchen faucet set and replace any old light fixtures with a new look.


Instead of gutting your bathroom to do a whole remodel, just upgrade some of the more noticeable fixtures. New faucets, a new toilet seat, and new towels can give your bathroom a fresh look. If your tile is worn looking, Bluegreen can clean the tile and grout and apply a sealant so it is easier to keep clean in the future.


New paint can do wonders in any room for not a lot of money. A fresh coat of paint on your bedroom’s walls and ceiling can not only freshen things up, but can change the look of the room. If your budget allows, spring for new bedding, some beautiful pillows, and new curtains.


The entrance to your house is often forgotten when considering what to upgrade in your home. But sprucing up your entryway can make a big difference. It doesn’t take much money to paint your front door and install new door hardware. Add a couple of planters on either side of your door to add some color.


Article provided by Bluegreen Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Waukesha

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