What To Do When You Experience Flood & Water Damage

At Bluegreen Floor Care, we understand the stress and inconvenience associated with flood and water damage in the home or office. It is an overwhelming sight when you see water invading your space, threatening to ruin your furniture and belongings.   It is important to understand that when you experience a water emergency, calling a […]

What To Do After Spilling Red Wine On Carpet

For those who have white carpet in their home, the threat of a red wine spill is always lurking. It only takes one abrupt movement and your floor can become a canvas of crimson. We’ve all watched it happen — the glass of red wine falls in slow motion toward the winter white carpet as […]

The “Bluegreen Advantage”

25 Years of Carpet Cleaning In Milwaukee, WI If you are looking to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, you want a company with experience. Having professionally cleaned carpet can make the difference when leaving an impression with a client at work, or with a family-friend in the living room. Carpet, wood floors, or upholstery […]

Bluegreen – Professional Carpet Cleaning In Madison, WI

Our team at Bluegreen has provided professional carpet cleaning in Madison, WI for over 25 years. We have made it our mission to simplify your life by beautifying and preserving your indoor environments. For many people, it’s easy to overlook the appearance of tattered, dirty carpet that’s being walked on every day. Even when carpet is […]

Prevent Cancer

A new study published in the journal, Nature, suggests that up to 90 percent of cancer cases are linked to lifestyle choices that are usually avoidable. This study refutes a previous assertion that many cases of cancer are simply due to “bad luck,” those circumstances that are out of our control. What are those lifestyle […]

Is it Time to Clean Your Upholstery?

What’s better than a late afternoon nap on your favorite sofa? What’s more enjoyable than reading a great book while snuggled in an overstuffed chair? Whether you are spending some quiet time alone or watching the big game with the whole gang, soft, comfortable upholstered furniture is usually the seating of choice. Look under the […]

Do You Breathe Easy at Home?

How to Control Indoor Air Pollution Pollution. We use the word to describe harmful or poisonous substances introduced into an environment. Water pollution, ground pollution, noise pollution, and air pollution are examples we most commonly relate to the outdoor environment. So it may surprise you to find that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

Developing an annual maintenance Plan

I scanned in this article from Cleaning & Maintenance Management from the June 2015 issue thinking it might be helpful to building maintenance management personnel. This aissts someone in developing a maintenance plan to cover the items that regular maintenance will not keep clean.  For instance, VCT strip and finishing, annual carpet cleaning, high dusting […]

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Carpet Cleaning Company

What? The “Professional” Carpet Cleaner voided my carpet warranty? (I should have checked!) I recently read an article about a woman distraught over the failure of her new car.  The engine had seized up, but fortunately still within her warranty period.  A phone call to the dealer and her car was towed in for engine […]

For the Love of Cotton

You may not know this, but cotton is the most popular fiber in the world. Why? Because it’s durable, easily dyed, absorbent, soft and comfortable to touch. These characteristics make it the fabric of choice for clothing, towels, bedding and more. We’re not the first people to recognize the virtues of this versatile fiber. Cotton […]