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What To Do When You Experience Flood & Water Damage

At Bluegreen Floor Care, we understand the stress and inconvenience associated with flood and water damage in the home or office. It is an overwhelming sight when you see water invading your space, threatening to ruin your furniture and belongings.


It is important to understand that when you experience a water emergency, calling a professional should always be your first course of action. Treating flood and water damage as soon as it is discovered can help to prevent further rotting/damage and will ultimately save you time and money.


Most water emergencies involve standing water or water that is left soaking in a specific area. The longer the water sits, the more at-risk you are for the structures of your home or office to begin rotting and decomposing. If you have wood furniture, the structure of the furniture begins to give-way the longer it remains submerged. Not only can it affect your belongings, but standing water can be a health hazard as well. Standing water can create polluted, bacteria-ridden environments that can threaten the safety of those who are living in it.


When you hire professional carpet cleaning services, such as Bluegreen Floor Care, your carpet it tended to immediately. By using high-grade vacuums and carpet fans,  Bluegreen professional carpet cleaners will help to expedite the process of drying the flooded area and removing any standing water. The less time you have standing water in your space, the better.


Once the area has been completely dried and no more standing water exists, the process of disinfecting can begin. The deodorizing treatment works to remove any mildew, mold or smell that has grown over the time the standing water has been present. Removing the bacteria and germs from the area restores your home or office space to a safe, livable environment that can be occupied without the threat of toxins. The disinfectant counteracts germs, but also will leave a clean, fresh smell that will last for days.


When flood & water damage hit, don’t be overwhelmed. Call a professional service like Bluegreen Floor Care immediately and get your flooring and carpet restored today!

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