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Three Questions to Identify Fake Debt Collectors

Debt collection scammers abound and can cause massive problems once they get you to pay them or reveal personal information. But you can identify an actual debt collector with three simple questions, according to

  1. What is the name, address, and phone number of the company you are calling from? They ought to be able to tell you that, after all. Once answered, tell them to send you a validation notice. Don’t discuss the bill.
  2. What is the name and address of the debtor you are trying to reach? Legitimate debt collectors will know if the information they give is wrong. Do not correct them. Tell them to send a validation notice to the address on file. Then hang up.
  3. What are the last four digits of the debtor’s social security n
    Trick question. Legitimate debt collectors won’t ask this because it violates the law.

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