The city of Waukesha has a rich history and offers many cultural and social events, charitable organizations and beautiful architectural restaurants, businesses and homes that exude a nostalgic past time. Its landmarks and historic sites provide a glimpse into its past and its continued journey of development, relaxation, education, recreation, and growth. There are so many areas to explore within and surrounding the city that focus on history, performing arts, nature and local affairs. Waukesha offers many opportunities for businesses and homeowners making it a wonderful place to grow a business and raise a family.

Bluegreen is the leading floor care company of Waukesha. Over the last 25 years, we have provided thorough, professional cleaning and professional textile care to thousands of satisfied customers. Our certified textile expert technicians specialize in residential and commercial professional carpet and professional tile and grout cleaning of various flooring types including carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl and oriental rugs.

When you hire Bluegreen’s team of cleaning professionals, you can be confident that your floor care needs will be met with experienced professionals, tested products and equipment as well as extraordinary expertise. Our professional cleaning technicians focus on developing a deep cleaning plan that supports your specific flooring type.

We want you to be able to enjoy the City of Waukesha by spending more time having fun and less time cleaning your floors. Our hope is that you will be able to set time aside to make lasting memories with your family and friends by dining in local restaurants, visiting the Waukesha County Museum, gaining knowledge at the many schools, universities and colleges (Carroll University, WCTC, UW-Waukesha), running, walking, cycling along the Fox River, horseback riding, hiking, dog walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing in Minooka Park and discovering nature at Retzer Nature Center. When you return home or to your office you will be welcomed by sparkling clean floors.

Waukesha News

Waukesha was know around the turn of the century to have healing waters in the form Springs. This interesting article deals with the history of the Waukesha Silurian Springs Resort.

     Stover, Frances. “When Belles and Beaux Took Waukesha”. Old Milwaukee. Accessed 12 March 2020.


Our 12 STEP residential carpet cleaning process will leave your flooring looking fresh and clean.

  • Our technicians will do a pre-service inspection and walk through with you
  • Walk-off mats and corner guards are put into place to protect walls, corners, and furniture
  • All carpets are vacuumed with high powered, yet quiet commercial vacuum cleaners
  • Movable furnishings are moved on skidders to protect flooring from damage
  • Carpets are pre-conditioned with a powerful yet safe cleaning solution
  • Carpets are agitated with carpet rakes to loosen deep down dirt
  • Carpets are cleaned and extracted with steaming hot water and cleanser
  • Stubborn spots are retreated and removed
  • Furniture is moved back into place on top of foam blocks or plastic tabs to protect from water damage
  • Carpet pile is “reset” with a carpet rake to give it a soft, fluffy nap and appearance
  • Carpets are dried using our Power Dry Carpet-Airpath Technology – significantly cutting typical drying times
  • Our technicians will do a final inspection and walk through with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied

Testimonials – What our Waukesha customers say about Bluegreen

Bluegreen values and appreciates our customers’ comments. We strive to have satisfied customers and take pride in providing exemplary services. Here is just a sample of the many comments we receive regarding a job well done.

“Tile looks amazing and would highly recommend!”
– Tara J., Waukesha

“Great service with a very good price. Very happy!”
– Kallie S., Waukesha

“The guys were very pleasant and professional, extremely careful while in my home, and very thorough with my upholstery cleaning. Additionally, the fragrance of the cleaning solution was very pleasant and not at all overpowering or a cover-up.”

-Holly S., Delafield


It’s tempting to rent a carpet cleaning machine and try to clean your carpets yourself. Unfortunately, this is a labor intensive process that simply doesn’t work well and can void the manufacturer’s warranty. These units just don’t have the pressure or vacuum power to do a deep down clean that you deserve. Additionally, the carpet cleaning chemicals available on the store shelves do not offer the same penetrating power as professional carpet cleaning solutions.


Replacing your carpeting is expensive, time consuming, and disruptive. Don’t replace your carpets, deep clean them instead. Our in-depth residential carpet cleaning process will leave your carpets revitalized and looking like new at a fraction of the cost of replacing your carpets.


Call us today for a free estimate on having your residential carpets cleaned. We look forward to serving you and bringing significant ease to your life!

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