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Is Salt Making Us Overweight?

Too much salt can be bad for us. It causes increased blood pressure, an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease. And now, researchers have found that high salt intake might lead to the over consumption of fatty foods, increasing the risk of obesity.

Two studies discussing this issue were published by Australian researchers recently. The first study revealed that test subjects who ate more salt could not detect increases in the fat content of foods. Thus, the saltier their diet, the more likely they would eat fattier foods without realizing it.

The second study found that participants consumed less when their food contained low salt and high fat. But when given high salt, high fat foods, those same subjects consumed significantly more food. The researchers believe that excessive salt reduces the body’s ability to know when it is full.

These researchers have called for a reduction in salt in processed foods, believing it could have a major impact on rates of obesity.

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