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Marble Polishing

What floors can Bluegreen polish?


All varieties of marble can be polished.  Black marble and other similar dark marble are the most difficult floors to polish.

Terrazzo floors are most often found in schools and public buildings due to their durability and beauty.  Nearly all terrazzo floors can be polished or honed.

Other Natural stones

Limestone, Granite, Quartz, Travertine and even concrete floors can be polished.  However, an inspection is required to confirm the ability to bring a shine to your floor.  Call today for a free on-site estimate.

Marble floor polishing is a process that restores the shine back to your marble or stone floors.

Marble Honing vs Polishing?

Most people just want their marble floors to look shiny and the scratches removed.  So it is important to know that there is a difference in marble grinding, marble honing, and marble polishing.  The marble grinding process removes the deep scratches from the tile.  Marble honing will remove the surface scratches and will leave the tile in a honed look or a dull look.  Marble polishing will restore the luster and shine of the marble, making the floor look new again.

In Wisconsin, there are only a few companies around that can polish marble and a bunch that can clean marble, but Bluegreen is the only company that has the equipment to do a deep clean of the marble and grout and then do a deep polish.  We can even color stain the grout if necessary to make your floors look new again.

Bluegreen is also certified and experienced to install and apply the 3M stone care system, which will also protect your marble and make it look glossy.  Need someone to restore your marble floor?  Call us today!

When we come to your home or business, we will treat your space with care and respect by properly protecting corners and edges, using walk off mats and BEING professional.  We will not embarrass your co-workers or clients.

At Bluegreen, we LIVE professionalism.

Want a FREE estimate?” 



Our professional cleaning technicians are certified, on-time and courteous.

Proven Process

We know marble and stone floors and we know shine!  Our awesome polishing team will bring the shine up to the desired level  and the look you want!



Quick Process

Our powerful and technically advanced process will make the process quick and ready to use the next day!  No more living with ugly floors!



 Our 12 Step Commercial Marble Polishing Process

Our technicians will do a pre-service inspection walk through with you, confirm the expectations for the job, and add any last minute requests.

Walk-off mats and corner guards are put into place to protect walls, corners, and office furniture

Remove all furniture from the marble or stone floor

Clean the marble and grout.  If the grout doesn’t clean effectively, we offer the ability to color seal the grout

Grind the marble or stone floor down to remove all deep scratches

Repair any chips or holes in the marble or stone floor

Hone the marble floor to allow for the final polishing

Remove all marble dust and vacuum the surface

The final polish will bring the floor back to the shine that you desire

Rinse and neutralize the floor to make sure the floor is pH balanced

Replace all furniture back on the marble or stone floor immediately following the final rinse

Area rugs can be replaced on the marble or stone floor upon completion

You deserve to have your marble and natural stone floors looking beautiful and clean. Our marble polishing and natural stone polishing team will make your floors look new again.

It’s about time your floors shined!” 


Replacing your flooring is expensive, time consuming, and disruptive. Don’t replace, deep polish and renew. Our in-depth cleaning and polishing process will leave your floors revitalized and looking like new at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Call us today for a free estimate for having your marble floor renewed. We look forward to serving you and bringing significant ease to your life!

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