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Internet Tidbit & App of the Month

InternetInternet Tidbit:  TwoFoods

When you are trying to eat healthy, it can sometimes be hard to know which foods to choose. The website makes it easier to do just that. You enter two different foods, and the website will compare them, showing you the healthier option. Besides food you have at home, you can also enter restaurant selections. You’ll be shown total calories, carbs, fat, and protein. The simple interface and large database makes it the perfect tool to use when you aren’t able to access nutritional information easily or when you are making food from scratch.

YumApp of the Month:  Yummly

There are lots of ways to find new recipes. Yummly makes it easy to find them on your smartphone. This free app searches the most popular recipe sharing sites like Allrecipes and Epicurious. It then displays the link along with a large image of the dish, giving you a visual way to scan through recipes. Each recipe offers a list of ingredients, a nutritional breakdown of each recipe, and instructions for the dish. Best of all, the recipe recommendations are customized to your tastes, making it useful and personal. You can save your favorite recipes to your own recipe.

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