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How to Improve Your Credit Rating

You’ve run into it if you’ve ever applied for a car loan. It is essential information if you ever apply for a mortgage loan. Your credit rating is a very important key to your financial future. What if your credit isn’t so great? There are some ways to improve your credit rating.

  • Open and use a checking and savings account in your own name.
  • Pay all your bills on time and use a personal check.
  • Obtain a credit card, but keep your balance low.
  • Remain at your place of employment for two years or longer.
  • Avoid bankruptcies, tax liens, collections, and any bounced checks.
  • Check your credit report annually and dispute any incorrect information.


Beware of credit repair clinics. They will often charge you for services that you can do yourself for free, and they cannot guarantee results. Re-establishing your credit doesn’t happen overnight. But remember, the longer you practice good credit habits, the better your credit will be.

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