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Health Benefits of Golf

As a sport of leisure and no physical contact, golf ranks among the world’s healthiest endeavors.

According to legendary fitness trainer and the Health Fitness Revolution founder, Samir Becic, studies have shown that playing golf outdoors on open green areas for four or five hours relaxes the body, reducing stress and anxiety.

Exposure to sunlight also increases vitamin D, decreasing depression, the threat of heart disease, and certain cancers.

Meanwhile, swinging at that little white ball, carrying clubs, and walking a course can add up to 3-4 miles for a golfer–burning up to 1000 calories, accelerating the heartbeat, and increasing blood flow which decreases the risk of heart disease and levels of bad cholesterol.

The increased heart rate also promotes the flow of blood to the brain, which can improve nerve cell connections and delay such mental illnesses as dementia.

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