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Commercial Flooring Maintenance

Developing an Annual Floor Care Maintenance Program

What are the options to consider when developing a commercial floor care maintenance plan?  Below some considerations and options to determine if you want to create your own plan or allow us the privilege of working with you to create a plan.

Option #1 – Do it Internally

Some facilities have the resources and expertise to do it on their own. That’s GREAT. The information below will help ensure you have a plan that is effective, realistic, and thorough. 

Option #2 – Call Bluegreen!

We can come to your facility to discuss putting a plan together for you. We will detail all the steps listed below and work with you to create the plan that is perfect for you and your facility. We will also work together to monitor the facility either monthly or quarterly to ensure the plan we have in place is the most effective plan for your needs.

Option #3  – Do Nothing

Although this is an option, your co-workers and employees will not appreciate this decision. The carpet in your facility is the LARGEST filter you have and captures the most dust, pollens, and other airborne pollutants. This means more sick employees, less productivity and a visually polluted environment.

The Plan

  1. If you have a budget,  make sure you understand it.   If you don’t have a budget, decide the dollar range you are willing to spend on the annual and restorative cleaning.  If you have no clue where to begin, that’s okay.  We can help you setup a plan that you can use to create a budget.  If this is  already overwhelming, just call Bluegreen and we will  be able to help you!
  2. Document all floor types on a facility drawing
  3. Record heavily trafficked areas on map 
  4. Record areas where soft surface (carpet) meets hard surface (tile, VCT, etc)
  5. Know your building use

Floor type & cleaning recommendations

  1. Record deep cleaning recommendations and procedure for each floor type. Estimate time needed
  2. Verify all equipment and chemicals needed for each floor. Plan to include about twice as much cleaning solution for accidents and extra challenges
  3. Once a year, verify all equipment is operational, with correct pads on hand. In the event equipment is malfunctioning, have a relationship with a local janitorial supply company where equipment can be rented.
  4. Determine desired level of appearance
  5. High level appearance – A facility that requires a high-level appearance will generally need to be cleaned 1.5 – 2 times as often as a standard appearance facility.

4-Evaluate current regular cleaning schedule