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Sure, hot dogs are yummy and s’mores are fun and sentimental, but does the camping menu have to be so limited? No it does not. From hot breakfast sandwiches to decadent desserts, campground food can be anything you’d like.

Two words: foil packets. Use aluminum foil to cook any number of goodies, including grilled vegetables, salmon with garlic and spices, or barbecue chicken.

Bring the cast-iron skillets and make everything from cornbread and chili, campfire pizza and nachos to paella or beef stroganoff.

Use those skewers to heat up cinnamon rolls. Imagine the combination of aromas: campfire, hot coffee, cinnamon rolls, and the great outdoors.

Don’t forget the drinks! In addition to beer and wine, consider campground sangria, which you can mix ahead of time and enjoy when you’re ready. Mix some fruit, wine, something carbonated, and boom: sangria.

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