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Our Professional sanitizing and disinfecting team knows how to clean and sanitize your floors and surfaces

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Safe and Effective

Our Sanitizing process is safe and effective. Powerful enough to destroy 99.99% of germs and viruses and considered food safe by the EPA

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Proven Process

Bluegreen has a proven process to clean and sanitize your home

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When you are in the need of a complete clean and sanitizing process, Bluegreen's team of professional cleaning Technicians can clean and sanitize your home.

A Safer and Healthier Office and Work Environment Starts Here

During this unprecedented time, businesses and offices are looking for ways to keep their team safe and continue to work.  For those essential businesses, Bluegreen can offer daily, bi-weekly, weekly and semi-weekly professional sanitizing and disinfecting schedules

One way to keep your work environment safe is to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces on a regular basis.  Bluegreen uses the most effective way to disinfect by using an electrostatic sprayer.  This process ensures that the disinfectant is applied evenly and will even wrap around surfaces, unlike a fogging disinfectant process.

Bluegreen also uses strong, hospital grade disinfectants that are also safe and are approved to be used on food-grade prep surfaces.  This process will rid your office and factory of germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria to eliminate 99.99% of the contaminates that our products come in contact with. Service options include:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning and sanitizing
  • Complete wipe down of all exposed surfaces with a cleaner and disinfectant
  • Technologically advanced sanitizing process on all surfaces and touch points
  • Optional: Regularly scheduled office sanitizing visits


Contact Bluegreen today to learn more about their sanitizing services that will make your office and business healthier and safer in the days and months ahead.

The Safest and Most Effective Disinfectant Treatment Available

With Bluegreen services, your home will receive state-of-the-art disinfectant products that are food-prep and food storage safe. Our hospital-grade products are proven to kill over 99.99% of the EPA’s designated test for broad-spectrum microorganisms.  Most importantly, these disinfectants are safe, natural and powerful!

  • Our standard disinfectant has been used to destroy AIDS, Anthrax and other viruses—yet reduces to a simple salt after its effectiveness
  • Our botanical based disinfectant uses Thymol, a powerful disinfecting agent derived from the essential oil of Thyme.
  • Our electrostatic disinfectant applicator positively & negatively charged ions to render the surface sterile

Bluegreen Sanitizing Options


All Surface Sanitizing

  • Sanitize surfaces clean with Safe and Powerful Disinfectant (Surfaces should be cleaned prior to our arrival)

  • Spray All Touch surfaces with Electrostatic Disinfectant Process


All Surface Cleaning
All Surface Sanitizing

  • Sanitize surfaces clean with Safe and Powerful Disinfectant

  • Wipe down all surfaces with cleaner and disinfectant

  • Spray All Touch surfaces with Electrostatic Disinfectant Process


Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
All Surface Cleaning
All Surface Sanitizing

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning using our Standard 12-step Process 

  • Sanitize surfaces clean with Safe and Powerful Disinfectant

  • Wipe down all surfaces with cleaner and disinfectant

  • Spray All Touch surfaces with Electrostatic Disinfectant Process

What Makes Electrostatic Spraying Technology Better for Disinfecting?

Charged spray droplets are attracted to surfaces and have an enveloping effect around the object to insure all sides are covered.

The hand-held and backpack electrostatic sprayers used by Bluegreen represent equipment that use electrostatic technology for the use of spraying disinfectants, sanitizers, and even odor counteractants.  This process ensures even coverage and increases the effectiveness over a standard sprayer by 30%.  This process ese devices are powered by a re-chargeable lithium ion battery using a cartridge that holds 1 quart of diluted ready to use disinfectant or sanitizer.  The ease of use and portability make this device a very effective way to disinfect a large surface area quickly.

Electrostatic spraying of disinfectants and sanitizers is new to the cleaning industry, but it is not new technology.  Electrostatics have been used successfully in spraying of paints and coatings, for coating complex shapes because of the ability to insure complete, consistent coverage.  Bluegreen has used electrostatic technology to insure that hidden or shadowed surfaces get covered with highly uniform coating to ensure the highest level of disinfectant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If a surface is dirty, it must be cleaned before the surface can be adequately sanitized and disinfected. Dirt and grime create a barrier that will not allow a sanitizer/disinfectant to do its job. So, to fully protect your office and work environment, it’s important to clean first and then sanitize/disinfect.

Not all sanitizers and disinfectants are created equal. Our standard disinfectant has been used during Anthrax attacks, to purify water after Hurricane Katrina and to kill MRSA in schools and hospitals. Many sanitizers and disinfectants are highly toxic. Our process is not toxic, is volatile organic compounds (VOC) free and is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner.

Chlorine bleach produces harmful by-products and fumes in your home and is not safe for all applications. The Bluegreen process is less caustic, safer and gentler than bleach and is safe for all surfaces. It breaks down to a simple salt meaning it doesn’t produce any harmful by-products.

Our clean, sanitize and disinfecting process kills 99.9% of all germs, allergens, bacteria and viruses that it comes in contact with. It can be used to disinfect your carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces including children’s toys and kitchen/bathroom counters.

In response to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak, the CDC has published cleaning and disinfecting guidelines on its website. The information can be found at the CDC website ( The solutions Bluegreen uses to clean and disinfect qualify as EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens that are suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces.

Yes.  All of our processes and products are safe for you and your team.  

Our disinfectant neutralizes 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, germs within 10 minutes.  After we complete the process, you are free to return back to work after we complete the process.  

It is definitely true that not all disinfectants are created equal.  Some disinfectants are highly toxic, contain VOC’s and require a rinse after 10 minutes.  Some disinfectants will even permanently damage floors, counters and other surfaces. 

Our core disinfectant, Vital Oxide, uses a unique chemical compound called chlorine dioxide. 

Chlorine dioxide has been used during Anthrax attacks, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to purify drinking water, and most recently to kill MRSA in schools and hospitals.

Bluegreen also considers potential residues that are left behind and realize that you and your Team Members don’t want to be exposed to harsh and dangerous chemicals.  That is exactly why you have chosen to partner with Bluegreen!

Reducing Cross-Contamination in the Work Environment

The following are recommendations to help limit cross contamination among your Team Members.  Please also consult the CDC website for more ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other flus and viruses


For manufacturing and factory Team Members, start by asking these questions:

  • Can your Team reduce sharing of workspaces?
  • Can you keep Team Members working in pairs?
  • If equipment needs to be shared, can a simple disinfectant wipe down between users, wear gloves?
  • Can you split up your team in separate shifts and keep them separate. Perform a disinfect wipe down after each shift


For office environments, here are a few options to consider:

  • Can your Team work from home or perhaps on a rotating schedule? (i.e. stagger by cubicles or work stations, so no one is working within 6-10 feet of each other)
  • Have office visits take place from the door, when possible and one-on-one meetings can take place in a larger conference room. Use intercoms, instant messaging, or video calls when possible in the office
  • If essential office work needs to occur within the office, try to work in pairs and minimize interactions outside of that pair, when possible. This may prevent the entire office from getting a virus or sick
  • If equipment needs to be shared, perform a simple disinfectant wipe down between users with a spray bottle, paper towels (ideally with an automated dispenser or have the users wear gloves
  • Bring a lunch to avoid going to public dining environments
  • Don’t enter offices, stand at office doors but avoid touching or leaning against door or door frames
  • If possible, implemented new or diverse work schedules


Reducing Risk

  • Track all daily (in person) employee interactions
  • For those in essential services, have each Team Member email HR on a daily basis every person they came within close contact.  Should one Team Member get sick, you now know everyone that could be at risk and not have to quarantine the entire team.


Outside Vendors

Limit or eliminate all vendors from entering your office.   Use other creative measures to interact with Vendors.


Limiting Traffic Patterns

Within your work areas, assign each Team Members their daily route.  Require that Team Members enter in a specific door, use a specific restroom, avoid the cafeteria, bring their lunch and eat at their desk or even in their car. 


Handling Common Areas

  • Limit/close all shared spaces that are not business essential unnecessary, including Break rooms, seating areas, cafeterias, lounges.  If necessary to stay open only allow a single chair at each table or keep everyone at least 6 feet apart and have disinfectant wipes at each table or area.
  • Prop open all doors that people are forced to open/close


Sharing equipment

  • Provide gloves, wipes or disinfectant at each of these locations and provide a process to properly disinfect the equipment each time.
  • Remove the public use of coffee machines, carafes and other shared  food equipment.  Do this at your OWN RISK.  If your team can function without the use of coffee, consider removing these machines during times of outbreak.  As a coffee lover, this would be tough to give up.
  • Provide spray bottles of disinfectant or wipes at all high-touch point areas (Kitchens, bathrooms, reception, conference rooms, etc)


Create Regular Disinfecting Schedules

Take specific interval breaks and have assigned Team Members perform disinfectant wipe downs on all high-touch areas

  • Door knobs
  • Bathroom handles
  • Copier
  • Printer
  • Mail rooms


Team Member Care

If using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, be certain to provide lotions for hands, as the alcohol will dry out your hands and could cause a quick infection of the disease, should one come in contact with the virus or germs. These disinfectant wipes are a good option.

Also, during Lock downs, quarantines, and restrictive public restrictions in the environment, some people might struggle with depression.  Provide literature and resources to keep your Team engaged and safe.


Increase Communication

During times of crises and dramatic life and work changes, be sure to communicate with you team on a regular basis.  Leadership and Department heads should meet with their team daily or weekly at a minimum.  Team Members need to know you have things under control.


Additional Recommendations and Resources can be found on the CDC website:

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Our professional cleaning technicians are certified, on-time, and courteous. We believe our work is only as good as our people.

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Fast Drying

We pride ourselves in being efficient. We work diligently to get you a quote, complete the job, and get you back to enjoying your home as fast as possible.

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We're committed to using safe, non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting supplies that are safe for your home, your family and the planet.

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We’ve helped thousands of customers bring life, joy, and relaxation back into their homes.

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